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Meet Frank

Frank Abreu is a healthcare administrator with years of experience with personal development and overcoming challenges in all levels of life.  He is also a life coach, personal growth strategist, public speaker and most of all, a loving father and husband.

Frank has trained hundreds of employees in conquering their weaknesses and failures, and achieving success and happiness through solid strategies and habits.  He has worked for Carrier Clinic, Somerset Medical Center (now RWJBarnabas Health), Transatlantic Reinsurance Company, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher to name a few.

He has several awards for manager of the year, and is a black belt in process improvement and lean six sigma.

Some of his colleagues refer to him as "one of the best at helping you detoxify your life, unlock your potential, and create a path for ultimate success."

Frank is known for his passion for personal development, self-discipline, time management and helping people make break throughs.  He is heart centered and genuine in everything he does.

His goal and mission in life is to help millions of people around the world find their “pathway to fulfillment.” He aspires to be a visionary and innovator, while continuously cultivating the qualities of a motivated, inspirational, engaged and fulfilled individual. 

Regis Philbin

I had the privilege to spend the day with Regis and learn about his challenges, and how he overcame them.  I was inspired to help others do the same!

John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo's life story is a source of inspiration.  Learning about the challenges he faced was extremely motivating.

Taylor Swift

It was a privilege to learn how Taylor Swift overcame so many obstacles, and how her determination and passion kept her focused on her ultimate goal.

Featured Programs

Pathway to Success Group Coaching

LIVE monthly strategies, ideas, training and tools to help you find your pathway to a fulfilling life.


Establish a Foundation for Success

This is the first course of a four part series that collectively will help you live a fulfilled life while achieving massive success.  In this video, Frank will share why completing the four-part series will be one of the most valuable things you can do before taking on any life challenge. 

We all struggle with some level of ‘baggage’ that we must first put down before we are truly free to engage on a journey that will lead us to success and fulfillment.  Frank will share his personal experiences that have made him an expert in overcoming life’s challenges. He will also share how he used these experiences to find his own pathway to a truly fulfilling life.         

The Establishing a Foundation for Success course is a 5-week program, led by Life Coach/Personal Growth and Life Strategist, Frank Abreu, MHA, SSBB, CHAM.

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3 FREE videos reveal how to avoid burn out and prepare for the upcoming year.


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