Create a Phenomenal 2019 at RVCC Branchburg, NJ!


January 25th & 26th, 2019

8:30am - 5:00pm


People all around the world are creating a phenomenal 2019.

This is your year!


what is "create a Phenomenal 2019"

Create a Phenomenal 2019 is a full day personal development and motivational seminar for people who want to transform their lives and accomplish their goals.  It's the only seminar of its kind that will help you develop the skills and mindset needed to achieve success and happiness at the highest levels.  Join us at the beautiful campus of Raritan Community College for this awesome event!

Meditate on this.  Where would you go to learn the tools and skills necessary that will help you take control of your life and create the best year you have ever had?  Without a doubt, only one place: Create a Phenomenal 2019 LIVE event.

On this exhilarating day, you'll learn the techniques and mindset necessary to improve every area of your life.  You will take a deep dive into your heart, mind and habits to gain insight on the path you are currently on.  You will discover what you really want, and learn the steps that you need to improve your life and accelerate your progress.  You will finally figure out how to get unstuck, transform and maintain momentum consistently.

Create a Phenomenal 2019 is the place to be at the start of every new year to ensure personal growth.

There won't be any foul language or pie in the sky ideas.  The information you will receive will be from reputable sources based on extensive research and proven strategies.  


Create a Phenomenal 2019 is taught by Frank Abreu, a healthcare administrator with years of experience with personal development and overcoming challenges in all levels of life.  He is also a life coach, personal growth strategist, public speaker and most of all, a loving father and husband.

Frank has trained hundreds of employees in conquering their weaknesses and failures, and achieving success and happiness through solid strategies and habits.  He has worked for Carrier Clinic, Somerset Medical Center (now RWJBarnabas Health), Transatlantic Reinsurance Company, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher to name a few.

He has several awards for manager of the year, and is a black belt in process improvement and lean six sigma.

Some of his colleagues refer to him as "one of the best at helping you detoxify your life, unlock your potential, and create a path for ultimate success."

Frank is known for his passion for personal development, self-discipline, time management and helping people make break throughs.  He is heart centered and genuine in everything he does.



The first part of the day is focused on training to understand what creates elements in your life which form your behaviors, feelings, actions and ultimately your optimism.  You will understand the importance of adopting the right philosophy in your daily life for a true breakthrough.  You will also gain clarity of where you are and where you are going.  This will enable you to adjust your trajectory to match your end goal.


This next part is focused on the physicality role that a life of joy and success play.  Sleep, recovery routines, meditation, nutrition and other modern techniques will be taught to help you achieve peak performance in every level of your life.  Most people are walking around exhausted, frustrated and stressed out.  You will learn the skills necessary to help you have a life full of energy and vibrancy.


You want to be the best, learn from the best!  High achievers have routines and rituals that allow them to outperform their competition - you just have to model them.  You will learn the secrets to increased productivity, self-discipline, and taking complete charge of your day and its outcomes.


Now that you have the right mindset, the training to maintain stamina, and the routines necessary to become a one person swat team in your life, you will then learn the most important element of all: MOMENTUM, and how to maintain it.  You will learn the strategies necessary to obliterate obstacles, and create a phenomenal year for your self and for your loved ones.


This event will sell out!  People from all around tristate area will attend

Special: People who sign up early will receive the following bonuses:

1. Free Online Course - Establish a Foundation For Success (Value $297)

2. Free self-assessment tools (Value $197.00)

2. Free access to monthly membership for one month (Value $49)

Satisfaction Guarantee

If this is not the BEST live event on personal growth you've even been to, simply ask for your money back after the first 4 hours for a full refund.


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